13th annual Appalachian trail coaching program


course follow-up

Sir-Packs-Alot will follow up with 2 e-mails and a phone call before you start your hike! PLUS - if you attend the "Appalachian Trail Kickoff" event (March) at Amicalola Falls State Park (just prior to starting your hike) he can see you off as well !

  24/7 basecamp support

Call us anytime walking the Appalachian Trail!

Discove​r the trail's "Living history"


 You will spend time out in the field with your new skills & gear !

great food & snacks included

at the all new "Top of Georgia Hostel & Hiking Center !

your coach is the top expert in the field

(The well known cartoon is a real guy !) 

real wORLD "bear-mice aware"

 Facts, fiction, and misinformation ...

Real world "leave no trace"

 Leave nothing but footprints and MUCH more as you hike the Appalachian Trail !

preparing you mentally

How to hike the Appalachian Trail. Why do folks with great gear/physique drop out?

the right gear

"Right" is subjective - but we'll help "dial in" what's right for YOU ! 

preparing you physically

Appalachian Trail hiking NEVER gets easy ... just more or less HARD.