13th annual Appalachian trail coaching program


  • ​7675 Rose Haven Hiawassee, GA 30546
  • 1/2 mile off the Georgia AT between Hiawassee & Clayton
  • Clean & new
  • outdoor center
  • bunkhouse
  • gear shop
  • relaxing atmoshere

course held at 

"The mental game" and physical prep that goes beyond the gym involved in Appalachian Trail hiking

Once you register - we'll e-mail you 2  Appalachian Trail School recommended gear lists. OPTIONAL BONUS: We can recommend gear after your registration - order it for you at a 10% discount  & have your gear here - waiting for you when you arrive ! 

get the right gear at "mile o"


SNACKS & lunch ARE included

understand Mental & physical prep


A "thru-hike" is hiking the entire Appalachian Trail within a calendar year - a "section hike" is a chunk of however much you want to bite off (days / weeks) - a "day hike" is 1 day on the trail.(no overnight camping). WE CONCENTRATE ON WHERE YOU HAPPEN TO BE IN EXPERIENCE LEVEL. A 5 month thru-hike is just lots of 4 day section hikes in a row ! Our indivualized instruction and small groups allows us to cater to you - SO - the more experienced hikers do not feel held back and the day hikers do not feel intimidated ! Don't be shy - GIVE US A CALL !.


  The 6 hour long

Appalachian Trail School 

is conducted 



  ONLY $150 !